Mattenga's Mushroom Pizza Recipe

October 18, 2018

Did you know that some places use canned mushrooms on their pizzas? YUCK!! Today, we are going to talk about the secret behind Mattenga's mushrooms. As you can see when we open the can, these mushrooms look pretty much dead. Anything in a can is very high in sodium and overall not very healthy which can lead to high blood pressure. Maybe that's why a lot of people don't like mushrooms on their pizza.


Let's see what is in Mattenga's mushrooms. The few ingredients that we add to our fresh mushrooms are garlic, an olive oil blend and oregano. The garlic takes it to the next level and the oregano just adds to it.


I have made a mushroom pizza, half with canned mushroom and the other half with Mattenga's mushrooms. Let's do a taste test. When I taste the canned side, it doesn't have much flavor or texture. As I pick up the Mattenga's side, I'm drawn in immediately by the aroma of garlic and oregano. As I taste it, it has great flavor and texture to it. It's not watered down like the canned ones and it's better for you.


Come try our mushroom pizza next time and taste the difference fresh ingredients camn make.




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