Anchovies Pizza

December 3, 2018



What are anchovies? They are small fish measuring anywhere from 4-8 cm. Most of the canned preserved anchovies are 4 cm. They are rampant in the Mediterranean where they come from. Pizza was a cheap, peasant food. A lot of sailors used to put anchovies or other fish on their pizzas. It was very cheap and served on pizza without cheese. We are going to try their version of pizza, with and without cheese. We call it a marinara pizza.

Today, we are making a classic and basic anchovy pizza. First, we stretch the dough and use a classic pizza sauce. Ours is a high quality crushed tomato sauce. Next, we add garlic. Normally, they would add sliced garlic, but we use garlic paste. Finally, we also sprinkle oregano which gives it a depth of flavor.

I am making half with mozzarella and half without cheese. Last, but not least, we add the canned anchovy fillets in olive oil. After placing them on the pizza, drizzle with some of the remaining olive oil.

When I try it, I notice a very pungent odor. The fish is very strong in smell and taste. This fish must have lived a sour life. Neither Matt or I cared for this pizza. Maybe if the anchovies were cut smaller instead of left whole, it might help.


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