Tuna Pizza

December 3, 2018


Today, we are tasting an ingredient that is very popular in Germany. It would be compared to how pepperoni is in the U.S. That ingrdient would be canned tuna.

First, we stretch the dough and use tomato sauce as the base. Then, we top it with mozzarella cheese. We are using tuns that is packed in olive oil. There will be a little more acidity with the olive oil or salt water than if it were in spring water. To add extra moisture and texture, we add some sliced onion and red roasted bell pepper. Finally, we sprinkle it with oregano before putting it in the oven.

When I pick up this pizza, I notice it has a pleasant aroma and is appealing to the eye. It has surprising flavor (better than anchovy) and all the ingredients compliment each other. The tuna goes well with the cheese and tomato sauce. The key was definitely using tuna in olive oil to add extra flavor. I would definitely order this in a restaurant.

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