Let’s celebrate!

April 29, 2019


Celebrating your little ones birthday is always emotional! They grow so fast and a birthday is a bittersweet milestone.


The only problem with hosting a birthday is how to keep the kids entertained for an hour.. and of course, all the dishes and the clean up you need to deal with after the party!


You worry so much about such details that you forget to savor the party and take the BEST photos and videos.


That's why we love hosting BYOP (Build Your Own Pizza) Birthday Parties!  


It costs $6.99 per child and includes a kids drink, a 10" dough ball and up to 3 toppings! The kids get to stretch, sauce, cheese and top their pizza!

The kids will have a blast and LOVE their creations. #Win


You don't need to worry about the mess #Win


Great photo and video opportunities of kids making their pizza #Win

No dishes afterward #HugeWin


Yes, you can bring a cake (we'll keep it in our fridge for ya). You can decorate a section of our dining room to make it extra special.

Got questions? Give us a call, or email us at mattengasinfo@gmail.com

and we will help you with all the details.



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